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One Bet Racing Review
Confidence Rating : 76%
Average Monthly Profit: £47.24
Strike Rate: 55.43%
Return on Investment: 3.79%
Since: 24th May 2018


Below are the monthly figures since we started tracking VIP.

One Bet Racing
20th March 2018 onwards
Month Profit (£10/pt) Strike Rate ROI Tips
May 18 £329.39 100.00% 109.80% 3
June 18 £174.87 64.71% 10.29% 17
July 18 -£89.17 55.56% -4.95% 18
August 18 -£174.46 53.85% -13.42% 13
September 18 -£144.78 58.33% -12.07% 12
October 18 £435.09 69.23% 33.47% 13
November 18 £513.08 75.00% 42.76% 12
December 18 £100.08 53.33% 6.67% 15
January 19 £132.50 66.67% 14.72% 9
February 19 £54.10 62.50% 6.76% 8
March 19 -£504.60 42.11% -26.56% 19
April 19 £2.70 60.00% 0.27% 10
May 19 £489.20 60.00% 32.61% 15
June 19 £491.10 63.64% 44.65% 11
July 19 -£327.90 38.89% -18.90% 18
August 19 £12.60 50.00% 1.26% 10
September 19 -£568.60 27.27% -51.69% 11
October 19 -£170.00 36.36% -15.45% 10
November 19 £380.00 72.73% 34.55% 11
December 19 £91.90 55.56% 10.22% 9
January 20 £479.20 85.71% 68.45% 7
February 20 -£242.20 46.15% -18.63% 13
March 20 -£421.90 36.36% -38.35% 11


VIP is a horse racing tipster service that is part of the Betinfo24 platform. The service originated in 2016 by a gentleman called Matt who is responsible for the TPS Ratings service. It launched on the Betinfo24 platform in September 2017 quickly establishing itself as a successful service.

VIP is a ‘high end’ service meaning it caters to those looking to place higher stakes. It actually recommends stakes of £500 but for the purposes of our review we worked to £100 stakes, or 10pt per pick.

VIP concentrates on short priced favorites which Matt found were producing an excellent profitable strike rate from his rating service. Tips are very selective with an average of just fifteen a month during the review.

Let’s see how we fared:

24th May 2018 to 8th Jan 2019
Profit 124.85 pts
Strike Rate 62.62%
Return on Investment 11.67%
Average Odds 1.80
# Selections 107

VIP Review

VIP selections are sent between 10pm and midnight in most cases and notification is given if there is no bet. There is only ever one selection at most so you couldn’t find a simpler less time consuming service to follow.

We got off to a flying start with a 32.94 pt profit in May and a further 17.49pts in June before hitting a sticky patch with three months of losses. At the start of October we very briefly dipped into a negative figure but that lasted precisely one day before things clicked into gear again with an excellent October and November generating 43.51pts and 51.31pts profit respectively. This was followed up by a steady profit in December of 10.01 pts and a good start to January (currently up 10.44pts).

Remember, these figures are all based upon 10pt selection. If you have the bank to go higher your profits would of course increase accordingly.

The advised bank for the service is 100pts (it is actually 10pts, but I have converted it to fit our standard of 1pt = £10). This was never in any danger during the review, even the three negative months only saw a fall of 40pts.

The cost of the VIP service is £39.99 per month so it isn’t the cheapest but even after allowing for subscription payments you would still have made £126.48 per month across the review (based upon £100 stakes). Further savings can be made with the quarterly option at £99.99 and the biggest saving coming from the annual payment which is £249.99 per month.

VIP comes with a 30 day money back guarantee.

The lifetime figures of the VIP are impressive. Since launch it has average a monthly profit of £317.00 which suggests that the three month negative spell in our review as something of an anomaly. The lifetime strike rate of the service is an excellent 77%.


If you have the bank then VIP has more than proved itself as a viable service. The high strike rates keeps losing runs to a minimum so you always feel your next winner is just around the corner.

VIP is extremely simple to follow and takes minimal time. Bets can easily be placed the following morning as prices don’t tend to alter much.

We’ll continue to update results at the top of the page and adjust the confidence rating accordingly.

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