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Value Favs Review
Confidence Rating : 60%
Average Monthly Profit: £-35.20
Strike Rate: 36.27%
Return on Investment: -3.18%
Since: 22nd Nov 2017
Value Favs


Below are the monthly figures since we started tracking Value Favs.

Value Favs
22nd Nov 2017 onwards
Month Profit (£10/pt) Strike Rate ROI Tips
November 17 £219.76 50.00% 61.04% 18
December 17 -£30.70 33.96% -2.90% 53
January 18 -£36.04 33.93% -3.22% 56
February 18 £394.11 53.33% 43.79% 45
March 18 £363.35 48.65% 49.10% 37
April 18 -£346.33 22.22% -38.48% 45
May 18 -£154.40 30.77% -11.88% 65
June 18 -£120.83 34.29% -8.63% 70
July 18 £132.23 44.44% 9.18% 72
August 18 -£447.30 26.56% -34.95% 64
September 18 £29.81 43.64% 2.71% 55
October 18 -£206.81 31.48% -19.15% 54
November 18 -£132.67 29.55% -15.08% 44
December 18 £678.81 40.43% 72.21% 47
January 19 -£292.21 28.57% -29.82% 49
February 19 £378.17 28.57% 90.04% 21
March 19 £118.75 37.31% 8.86% 67
April 19 £69.03 43.64% 6.28% 55
May 19 -£19.37 40.00% -1.49% 65
June 19 -£164.20 32.73% -14.93% 55
July 19 -£40.00 0.00% -100.00% 2


Value Favs is a horse racing tipster service provided by the Tipster Street network. The service has operated since December 2015 and has compiled an impressive record in that time. The service concentrates on shorter priced horses, usually favorites but purports to look for those that offer value and are over priced. We reviewed the service between 22nd November and 22nd February and it produced the following results:

Value Favs
22nd Nov to 22nd Feb 2018
Profit 48.58 pts
Strike Rate 40%
Return on Investment 14.72%
Average Odds 2.90
# Selections 172

As we can see the trial of Value Favs was successful producing a healthy 48.58pts of profit during the three months. The average odds sit just under 2/1 so as the sales blurb suggests the service doesn’t just pick the very short priced favorites but does look for some value in them. To that end it has been pretty successful with a strike rate of bang on 40% during our review and a not to be sniffed at 14.72% ROI.

Value Favs is a very simple service to follow. It averaged out to just under two selections today over the trial period. The busiest day saw five selections but there are also days where no selections are made so it’s not a case of pushing tips out there for the sake of it. All tips are to a 2pt stake and a starting bank of 100pts is advised.

We got off to a flying start with 42pts profit being made in the first fifteen days before hitting a gradual decline over the next month or so where we shed 35pts of that profit. Runs like this can happen with all tipsters and it once again highlights the importance of operating a betting bank and adhering to it. Obviously you never want to see a poor run continue for any prolonged spell and in this case it didn’t as things soon took an upwards swing again and despite another mini dip at the tail end of January it ended up very nicely in profit at the conclusion of the review.

Tips are sent by email and generally arrive between 9 and 10 am daily. Prices hold up well, indeed the average price of winning selections during the review was 2.60, compared to 2.67 advised. There is no write up or analysis of the selections which some like to see but the results speak for themselves.

Value Favs
Nov 1st 2013 to Nov 30th 2017
Profit 408.99 pts
Strike Rate 43.59%
Return on Investment 12.43%

Tipster Street provide full accurate results of previous tips on their site and the historic figures are shown above. As we can see the figures are not too dissimilar from those produced during our review which gives us added confidence in the service moving forwards. Working to £10 per pt would have netted you over £4000 in just over two years.

Value Favs is very reasonably priced at £19.95 per month for the standard payment (£4.99 for your first 30 days). After deducting the standard payment it would still leave us with £425.95 profit over the review based upon £10 per point. Further savings can be made by opting for the quarterly payment of £39.95 per month (again £4.99 for first 30 days).


There isn’t really much I can find to fault with Value Favs and it ticks all the boxes. Very simple to follow, picks delivered in a timely fashion daily, easy to get advised prices and most importantly results!

Throw in that it is very reasonably priced indeed then it would be a worthwhile addition to the portfolio of all, whether they are beginners or experienced.

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