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Confidence Rating : 88%
Average Monthly Profit: £424.61
Strike Rate: 8.68%
Return on Investment: 30.84%
Since: 11th October 2018
Russell Blair Racing


Below are the monthly figures since we started tracking Russell Blair Racing.

Russell Blair
11th Oct 2018 onwards
Month Profit (£10/pt) Strike Rate ROI Tips
11th October 18 -£610.00 5.06% -37.42% 79
November 18 -£380.00 3.70% -34.55% 54
December 18 £1680.00 16.67% 155.56% 54
January 19 £490.00 8.62% 42.61% 58
February 19 £500.00 8.89% 55.56% 45
March 19 £86.00 8.00% 5.70% 75
April 19 -£320.00 7.06% -18.71% 85
May 19 £2880.00 16.25% 177.78% 80
June 19 -£320.00 7.22% -16.00% 97
July 19 £1498.00 11.27% 104.76% 71
August 19 -£534.00 5.56% -35.84% 72
September 19 £240.00 9.09% 21.24% 55
October 19 £1190.00 13.95% 136.78% 43
November 19 -£390.00 4.55% -29.32% 66
December 19 -£630.00 3.92% -60.00% 51
January 20 £290.00 8.11% 39.19% 37
February 20 £600.00 12.77% 61.86% 47
March 20 £290.00 8.57% 40.85% 35
April 20 £0.00 0.00% 0.00% 0
May 20 £0.00 0.00% 0.00% 0
June 20 £380.00 8.16% 22.35% 98
July 20 £1080.00 8.93% 48.21% 110
August 20 £400.00 8.70% 43.96% 46


Russell Blair Racing is a service found on the Sports Betting Stars platform. Russell has been running a service since April 2015 and has enjoyed a great deal of success. We began to follow the service in October 2018, let’s see how we got on.

Russell Blair Racing
11th Oct 2018 to 10th Jul 2019
Profit 402.20pts
Strike Rate 8.91%
Return on Investment 31.03%
Average Odds 15.97
# Selections 640

I began the review of Russell Blair Racing with very high hopes given all that I’d read and heard about the service. Unfortunately things did not get off to a good start, just over one month into the service we were exactly 100pts down! Things then very much picked up with that deficit being wiped out and then some in December when 168pts profit were made. Further profits of 49 and 50pts followed in January and February further cemented the healthy standing. Losses of 32pts were made in April and June but as they were either side of a massive 288pts profit in May they were barely noticed.

This kind of variation seen in Russell Blair Racing is common place is a service which concentrates on higher priced selections. The average odds across the review were 15.97 so winners are going to be at a premium. Almost all of the selections are win bets so the wait for winners can be a long one. As with all services and absolutely paramount with this one, the betting bank is key.  The advised bank for the service is 200pts and it is a figure I strongly advise you work too as there will be down periods as evidenced in this review.

Selections are sent out each evening usually between 6 and 8pm. The amount of picks can vary, from no selections a tall up to ten selections on particularly busy days. In most cases there are two or three tips given.

With selections given the night before this does of course lead us to the age old issue of ‘getting the same odds’. Certainly if you leave it till the following day the price will have changed in some cases (not all). Occasionally they go up, but more often of course the price will be lower. The profits the service advertises are based upon the price advised so it is important to move quickly when they are given. Open as many accounts as you can and spread your bets around.

There is occasionally analysis of selections but the majority of the time it’s simply the tip itself. Whilst some prefer to see some of the thinking that goes into a pick, in reality it the results that matter and that is what the service very much focuses on.

By the end of the review Russell Blair Racing was showing a profit of 402.20 pts with an outstanding ROI of 31.03%.  A review period of nine months shows that this was indeed no ‘fluke’ or as a result of a couple of big winners. It’s clear that Russell knows his stuff.

The Overall figures since the service launch in April 2015 are as follows:

Russell Blair Racing
Apr 2015 to 10th Jul 2019
Profit 1863.71
Return on Investment 31%

These figures show that the service has produced similar results across it’s lifetime even producing exactly the same ROI figure!

The cost of Russell Blair Racing is £39.99 per month, £99.99 per quarter or £359.99 annually. Your first 14 days are for free effectively giving you a trial.

Russell Blair Racing also comes with a 14 day money back guarantee.


As I mentioned at the start of the review, I entered this review with very high hopes and it is fair to say that Russell Blair Racing has lived up to them. The results produced cannot be argued with. If you’d have only followed at £5 per pt you’d have made £1650 with the subscription fees already deducted. £10 per pt is £3300. Not bad for 5 mins work a night over 9 months.

Russell Blair Racing seems poised to be challenging towards the top of the Confident Bets Top Tipsters Table for a long time to come.

*Get a 14 day trial for FREE of Russell Blair Racing here*

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