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Premier Greyhound Tips Review
Confidence Rating : 82%
Average Monthly Profit: £109.12
Strike Rate: 64.50%
Return on Investment: 15.61%
Since: 19th Feb 2019
Premium Boxing Tips


Below are the monthly figures since we started tracking Premium Boxing Tips

Premium Boxing Tips
19th February 2019 onwards
Month Profit (£10/pt) Strike Rate ROI Tips
February 19 £91.60 83.33% 61.07% 6
March 19 £124.70 66.67% 23.53% 18
April 19 £301.10 90.91% 83.65% 11
May 19 £80.40 55.56% 14.61% 18
June 19 £302.80 55.56% 31.54% 18
July 19 -£93.40 50.00% -7.78% 20
August 19 £30.40 46.15% 4.41% 13
September 19 £172.30 58.33% 22.97% 12
October 19 £230.70 64.29% 32.04% 14
November 19 -£25.40 52.63% -2.68% 19
December 19 £36.90 53.85% 5.05% 13
January 20 -£41.10 45.45% -7.74% 11
February 20 £56.20 100.00% 35.13% 2


Premium Boxing is the first Boxing service we have reviewed and an initial glance at their website showed some impressive figures so I was excited to see if the service could live up to them during the review. It has been running since November 2015 so has an extensive track record. Read on to see how it fared!

Premium Boxing Tips
19th Feb 2019 to 24th May 2019
Profit 52.71 pts
Strike Rate 73.91%
Return on Investment 37.65%
Average Odds 1.98
# Selections 50

The answer was a resounding yes! Premium Boxing Tips lived up to its billing during the three month review clocking up 52.71pts profit (to £10 per pt) and a very impressive ROI of 37.65%.

Selections are sent out one by one during the course of the week and consist of single bets which tend to be slightly higher priced picks (often the underdog) and parlay/accumulator bets which focus on shorter priced favorites. Plenty of time is given to get on with most picks being sent a couple of days at least before the fight and well in advance for the bigger fights.

There has been no issues at all with regards to obtaining the advised prices.

Premium Boxing Tips clearly has a great knowledge of the sport. Following the ‘single’ selections an in depth preview of that particular contest is sent over giving the reasoning behind the selection. It’s an interesting read for those who like their boxing and very informative for those who aren’t big fans of the sport.

Stakes vary between 1 and 5 pts with 3pts being by far the most popular. The breakdown is as below:

Premium Boxing Tips
Stake # Picks Av Odds P/L Pts SR
1 1 3.40 2.40 100.00
2 9 2.84 11.20 100.00
3 31 1.79 20.42 68.97
4 7 1.69 12.34 85.71
5 2 1.64 6.35 100.00

Over it’s lifetime the figures on Premium Boxing Tips website show a continued pattern of success.

In just over 3.5 years of tipping it has maintained an ROI of 18.28%.

The cost of Premium Boxing Tips is £19 per month or there is an annual option of £208 per year which saves you £20.


There really isn’t anything I can fault with regards to Premium Boxing Tips.

Selections are sent out in an efficient manner. Their frequency shows the service is selective, not pumping tips out for the sake of it and the level of detail on the previews shows a significant knowledge of the sport.

Prices are easy to obtain and most importantly of course the service has shown itself to be profitable, not just in our review period but over it’s history.

Boxing may be an area new to you with regards to betting but I would advise, don’t worry, sit back and let Premium Boxing Tips do the work for you! It’s one I will certainly be adding to my portfolio.

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