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Premier Greyhound Tips Review
Confidence Rating : 82%
Average Monthly Profit: £101.64
Strike Rate: 27.92%
Return on Investment: 16.70%
Since: 1st Dec 2017
Premier Greyhound Tips


Below are the monthly figures since we started tracking Premier Greyhound Tips.

Premier Greyhound Tips
1st Dec 2017 onwards
Month Profit (£10/pt) Strike Rate ROI Tips
December 17 £545.20 63.64% 170.38% 11
January 18 £465.00 42.11% 89.42% 19
February 18 -£5.00 15.79% -0.82% 19
March 18 -£255.00 18.18% -36.96% 22
April 18 £365.00 37.50% 73.00% 16
May 18 -£57.50 25.00% -6.69% 24
June 18 £285.00 41.18% 47.50% 17
July 18 £153.50 30.00% 26.02% 20
August 18 £210.10 35.29% 39.64% 17
September 18 £126.80 35.00% 18.65% 20
October 18 -£259.30 16.67% -30.51% 24
November 18 £366.50 34.78% 55.53% 23
December 18 £30.00 23.53% 6.12% 17
January 19 £531.25 42.11% 94.87% 19
February 19 £70.00 23.53% 13.21% 17
March 19 -£313.70 16.00% -42.39% 25
April 19 -£260.00 14.71% -27.51% 34
May 19 £301.30 44.44% 59.08% 18
June 19 -£137.50 14.29% -22.54% 21
July 19 £94.90 33.33% 15.56% 21
August 19 £255.20 41.18% 54.30% 17
September 19 £236.10 39.13% 36.60% 23
October 19 £163.20 23.81% 24.36% 21
November 19 £139.80 22.73% 22.19% 22
December 19 -£524.80 4.76% -84.65% 21
January 20 £163.80 30.43% 28.00% 23
Febuary 20 £84.00 23.81% 16.80% 21
March 20 £47.50 28.57% 12.84% 14


Premier Greyhound Tips is, as the name suggests, a service that concentrates on Greyhounds and is part of the Betting Gods stable. It is run by a gentleman called Michael who is said to have 20 years plus experience of both owning and betting on greyhounds. We reviewed the service between 1st December and 28th February and it produced the following results:

Premier Greyhounds
1st Dec 2017 to 28th February 2018
Profit 100.52 pts
Strike Rate 36.73%
Return on Investment 70.29%
Average Odds 4.96
# Selections 49

As we can see the results were excellent with just over 100pts profit made and a staggering 70.29% ROI. With the average odds of the service coming in at 4.96 a strike rate of 36.73% is very impressive indeed. Our review got off to a flying start with a 13/2 winner on the 2nd day and it never really looked back.  At one stage in late December, early January, there seven winners out of eight picks advised.

One thing that is apparent with the Premier Greyhound Tips is the importance of placing your bets fairly quickly. Tips are usually sent between midday and 3pm daily depending upon when the bookmakers price up. Greyhound prices tend to move quite a lot as you approach race time and odds can drop quickly. As long as you are on within an hour or two of the email being sent you should get pretty close to, if not the advised price.

The impact of betting to starting price is significant as the table below shows.


Premier Greyhounds
1st Dec 2017 to 28th February 2018
Profit 25.54 pts
Strike Rate 36.73%
Return on Investment 17.86%

A ROI of 17.86% is still a very respectable figure, but clearly a lot of profit is being missed if you leave it to close to race time.

Michael offers a range of stakes from 1pt up to 5pts, a breakdown of which can be seen here:

Premier Greyhounds
Stake # Picks Av Odds P/L
1 3 4.75 0.75
1 e/w 2 6.5 -4
2 13 5.61 22
3 15 5.5 36
4 13 4.08 25.52
5 3 2.35 20.25

Some punters like to bet to a level stake for every selection, doing so to 1pt stakes would have generated a 61.59% ROI so following Michaels staking plan is more profitable. Although some of the stakes are higher than the norm, as long as you are working to the advised betting bank of 100pts you shouldn’t have any problems especially as the number of selections advised is quite low.

Michael provides a short write up with each of his picks highlighting the key reasons behind his choice and a little preview of how he feels the race will go, or more specifically what needs to happen for the pick to be successful.

It’s pretty clear that we caught Premier Greyhound Tips in a red hot patch but fortunately we can delve deeper and look at the history of the service as Betting Gods keeps fully audited results of each of their services (we check these are accurate throughout the review period).

The service launched back in October 2014 so has nearly a 3.5 year history.

Premier Greyhound Tips
Oct 13th 2014 to Mar 13th 2018
Profit 564.10 pts
Strike Rate 26.53%
Average Odds 5.79
Return on Investment 11.74%

Over it’s lifetime Premier Greyhound Tips has consistently performed well. The Strike Rate is a very healthy 26.53% which is more than acceptable when dealing with average odds of 5.79. The lifetime ROI of the service is a respectable 11.74%, that is well below the superlative 70% produced in our review but it still shows consistent reliable performance over a significant period of time.

It is interesting to see how Premier Greyhound Tips has evolved over the years appearing to become much more selective. In the first 12 months there were 912 selections, 599 in year two, 353 in year three and just 87 in the first four months of it’s fourth year. The strike rate in years one and two were 25% and 24.88% respectively which again shows the remarkable consistency of the service. The larger number of selections will have impacted upon the ROI however. It certainly appears that the more selective approach the service has evolved into is paying dividends and it will be interesting to see if it can maintain these new heights moving forwards.

The cost of the service is just £10 per month + VAT which provides outstanding value. Taking this cost into account it leaves us with a profit of £323 a month over the review period. Further savings can be made by taking a quarterly or annual payment option. In addition, you only pay £1 for the first ten days. As with all Betting Gods services there is also a 30 day money back guarantee.

*New prices are £1 for first 7days, then £19 per month + VAT which is still excellent value.


If you’ve never considered betting on greyhounds before now would be a good time to do so. The service would always have received a thumbs up due to it’s consistency but it’s evolvement into the selective service it is now simply enhances it. It will take up little time in your day but it would be of most use if you were able to access either emails or the Betting Gods app during the afternoon in order to place your bets in a reasonably timely manner. Even if you didn’t place the bets until just before race time and hence taking shorter odds, you’d still have made an average of £73 per month after membership fees during the review period due to the outstanding value of the monthly membership.

7 Replies to “Premier Greyhound Tips”

  1. PGT provides, usually, one tip a day (sometimes two) with a mixture of short and long odds selections. He provides good writeups to explain the reason for the selection(s) and obviously knows his stuff. Good strike rate and very cheap subscription. An easy and inexpensive way to add diversification to your betting portfolio.

  2. This service proves you must be in it for the long haul. Yes you will have downs but with a careful staking plan this service does win and does have a regular percentage of winners. So if you bet accordingly you can do very well.

  3. I have been a member of PGT since Oct 2015 and consider joining Michael’s tipping service as the best betting decision I have ever made.
    Profits have been steady over that period but even by his own high standards Michaels results during Dec, Jan and Feb were outstanding:
    Michael’s knowledge, experience and contacts within the Greyhound industry enable him to give extremely accurate race analysis. And together with his undoubted understanding of the betting markets his tips and betting advice are second to none.
    Make no mistake PGT is a very serious tipping service delivering outstanding results

    1. Hi Malcolm,

      It’s always good to get the input of longer term members to back up the findings of a review. Thanks for your comments.

  4. Hi, ,initially I took out a 3 month subscription and staking as per advice and found considerable success ( well over £1,000 profit).I have recently taken out a 12 month subscription for £100 with Premier Greyhounds and I cannot see why the success does not continue..

  5. I agree with the remarks in the review itself but Ifind he has greater success with the shorter priced selections than otherwise. The thing Iwould like is more than ons selection at a time so there could be the possibility of maybe a double now and again But on the whole I find hisservice profitable even with small stakes given the cheapness of the service anyway.

    1. Thanks for your comments Robert, you make a good point, the low cost of the service allows those betting to smaller stakes to still earn a profit.

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