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    Plodder Pete Review
    Average Monthly Profit: £-69.00
    Strike Rate: 29.58%
    Return on Investment: -4.52%
    Since: 2nd March 2018
    Plodder Pete

    Plodder Pete is a ‘service’ that is provided by Pete Lycett who claims to have been betting on horses for 22 years and that he will turn £500 to £10,000 over a period of 12 months.

    The ‘website’ consists of a single sales page giving you blurb about how Pete has tried numerous systems over the years and how he eventually discovered a ‘method’ that ‘always sees your profit increase’ over time. There’s no indication of how much he made, just blurb about how impressed his mates were.

    We are told there will be increasing targets as the service progresses due to us ‘soon being in profit’. Selections are given out (or I should say were) the evening before and consist of both win and place bets. You are advised to bet to BSP on the Betfair Exchange.

    You may be thinking I sound sceptical thus far in this write up and it is for good reason. There are significant warning signs immediately. Firstly there are absolutely no past results available to look at on the sales page. No proof of any kind that this ‘system’ that Pete has come across actually works or any indication of how much the service actually makes. There are countless examples of this type of service/product that spring up across the net and 99 times out of 100 they are a complete waste of time (I’m being generous here). When you approach such services to review you are invariably greeted by silence so it was with great surprise that Pete agreed to a review.

    Once the review got underway selections came over either the evening before or on the morning with a combination of both win and place bets. The only mention of the staking plan is in a Note for new members that the first target is to achieve £500 profit using £5 bets. It says once we hit this target please check the updated advice in the email.. Now, I am not sure how this would work as people would be joining the service at different times so would be ‘hitting this target’ at different times. This ‘advice’ never changed throughout the time of the review.

    Those tips were interspersed with constant sales pitches for other such ‘services’ all promising spectacular results, or reports of ‘four winners yesterday’ or.. ‘the doors are closing’.. ‘spaces have become available’ and other often used sales gimmicks. All of them lead you to a similar page full of blurb with absolutely no documented results.

    This carried on until 15th May when suddenly the emails stopped. I tried to contact Pete to ask what had happened but have never been given the courtesy of a response. A search of the net reveals other review sites have had a similar experience.

    Although the Plodder Pete emails completely stopped, I’ve since received more of this sales garbage from “Jump to Win” and “Ross Booth” who interestingly have exactly the same address as Plodder Pete.. that being 214 Sunderland Road, Altrincham.

    For what they are worth, the results produced during the service are listed below. They could certainly have been a lot worse and it seems as if Pete isn’t completely clueless in the area but… we most certainly weren’t in profit

    Plodder Pete
    2nd Mar to 15th May 2018
    Profit -17.25 pts
    Strike Rate 29.58%
    Return on Investment -4.52%
    Average Odds 4.35
    # Selections 382


    As you may have noticed I haven’t even mentioned prices etc in this review, quite simply because it is a complete no-no to even contemplate joining a service of this nature.

    Any tipster that is operating a credible service will be able to provide fully proofed results to back up their results and it is imperative that before you part with your money on joining a service you ensure that this is the case.

    Plodder Pete is not a complete scam as it is operated via clickbank so there is a money back guarantee policy (it says 60 days), but the promotional blurb encourages you to join the annual plan and stresses the importance of giving the service two to three months to see results. Of course by this time you would not be able to get your money back.

    The results themselves weren’t horrific (although a loss was made) but when emails suddenly end and there is no response when you chase them massive alarm bells begin to ring.


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