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Master Racing Review
Confidence Rating : 85%
Average Monthly Profit: £60.06
Strike Rate: 25.51%
Return on Investment: 12.68%
Since: September 1, 2017
Master Racing


Below are the monthly figures since we started tracking Master Racing:

Master Racing Tipster
1st Sep 2017 onwards
Month Profit (£10/pt) Strike Rate ROI Tips
September 17 £99.89 32.61% 18.50% 46
October 17 £135.90 32.65% 22.28% 49
November 17 £300.10 40.54% 75.97% 37
December 17 -£147.50 19.15% -27.57% 47
January 18 £48.33 23.81% 9.67% 42
February 18 -£10.27 25.00% -2.57% 32
March 18 -£85.23 20.45% -16.88% 44
April 18 £332.48 40.54% 79.16% 37
May 18 £55.28 36.17% 8.95% 47
June 18 £290.07 32.43% 68.00% 37
July 18 -£137.93 23.53% -24.63% 45
August 18 £44.00 23.53% 8.80% 44
September 18 -£56.75 20.59% -15.13% 34
October 18 £208.88 28.21% 44.92% 39
November 18 £24.85 21.95% 5.71% 41
December 18 -£38.73 20.00% -8.15% 41
January 19  £46.25 28.95% 10.95% 38
February 19 -£57.45 15.63% -14.64% 32
March 19 £71.50 22.73% 13.95% 44
April 19 -£211.20 11.63% -40.62% 43
May 19 £12.50 33.33% 7.81% 12
June 19 -£158.70 20.41% -27.01% 49
July 19 -£63.70 23.64% -9.65% 55
August 19 £299.00 35.00% 72.05% 40
September 19 -£275.70 14.29% -52.02% 42
October 19 -£39.20 20.41% -7.26% 49
November 19 £606.50 35.71% 123.15% 42
December 19 -£49.65 23.68% -10.91% 38
January 20 £59.30 22.73% 11.98% 44
February 20 £29.00 24.39% 6.52% 41
March 20 £170.80 26.92% 65.69% 26
April 20 £0.00 0.00% 0.00% 0
May 20 £70.00 50.00% 116.67% 6
June 20 -£5.10 26.92% -0.88% 44
July 20 £444.60 26.92% 80.11% 44
August 20 £228.25 23.40% 40.04% 47
September 20 £231.20 26.67% 42.04% 45
October 20 -£92.90 20.97% -13.37% 62
November 20 £119.20 28.07% 18.34% 57
December 20 -£161.35 18.33% -22.89% 60
January 21 -£82.15 24.56% -13.81% 57
February 21 £259.90 36.36% 118.14% 22



As from 26th September 2020 Master Racing now operates as a ‘morning service’. Tips are sent out between 9:30 and 10:30 each morning and all results are recorded to BSP.


As of 1st June 2019, Master Racing is now found on the Tipping Gurus platform.

Original review below:

Master Racing is a horse racing tipping service that is part of the Betting Gods stable.

Master Racing is an extremely simple service to follow that consumes very little time with between 1 to 3 selections advised most nights. The service looks to take advantage of the early prices offered and as such it is important you act quickly upon receipt of the picks in order to ensure you obtain the best value.

We reviewed Master Racing for a three month period between 1st September and 30th November and it produced the following results:


Master Racing Tipster
1st Sep to 30th Nov 2017
Profit 53.59 pts
Strike Rate 34.85%
Return on Investment 34.69%
# Selections 132

53.59pts profit is a healthy return, at £10 per point it gives a profit of £535.90. A strike rate of 34.85% is decent for a racing service. The stand out figure however is the ROI which was a first class 34.69%.

After being 1.25pts down from the first day’s picks we were never close to being in the negative again. Month 1 saw a 9.99pts profit, month 2 13.59 and an excellent month 3 with 30.01pts made.

The advised betting bank for Master Racing is 100pts, although I feel given the history of the service this is somewhat high and I’d feel confident recommending a 50pt bank.

Selections were received for the most part between 5pm and 7pm each evening, with the occasional night when it came a little later, but never past 8pm. The picks can be also be accessed via the members area of the Betting Gods site or via their mobile app. Each selection is accompanied by a short write up explaining the reasoning behind the pick which helps to inspire confidence and gives an insight into the tipsters thought process. Stakes range from 1-3pts, the breakdown of which was as follows:


Master Racing Tipster
1st Sep to 30th Nov 2017
1 pt 115 35%
2 pt 11 65%
3 pt 6 83%

As can be seen, the tipster is selective in his use of higher stakes and the strike rate justifies that approach.

The service is not a cheap one, the standard pricing is £1 for the first month, followed by monthly payments of £59.99 + VAT. When taking the standard monthly payment into consideration (including VAT) it gives a £319.94 profit over the review based upon £10 per point.

So, we’ve established Master Racing has performed well over the past three months, now let’s take a look at its historical performance.

The service was launched in April 2014 giving us over 3.5 years of data to fall back on.


Master Racing Tipster
Apr 2014 to 30th Nov 2017
Profit 670.09 pts
Strike Rate 29.36%
Return on Investment 29.80%

This gives us added confidence that the three months we have reviewed were not just a flash in the pan and are pretty similar to the lifetime performance of the service.

Of course, we are never satisfied with historic data and will always provide you with the most up to date information. The headline figures you see at the top of this review page, along with those on the top tipster pages will be updated on a daily basis. They will be taken from when we first started following the service on 1st September 2017 and continued ongoing.


I have no hesitation in recommending Master Racing as a service. The simplicity of the service makes it ideal for ‘new’ investors in the sector and its results appealing to the more experienced punter.

The write-ups accompanying each selection are always a bonus as they help to give an indication of the tipsters thought process and reasoning.

The only caveat I would offer is it is important to be able to place the selections quickly as there can be days where the recommended price shortens in a relatively short space of time.

22 Replies to “Master Racing”

  1. i have subscribed to master racing tipster for about a year now. I have shown a decent profit most months. I would definitely recommend . Word of warning you need to get your bets on really quickly. As odds reduce rapidly . Also be prepared to have your betting accounts restricted. I had 2 major bookies restrict my account . Thanks master racing tipster .

  2. I’ve been following Master Racing For 3 years now. Very simple to follow with tips sent out nice and early . Prices do generally reduce though so best to be on the ball and get the bet on asap. There have been some difficult periods but the good times far outweigh these.
    I would be confident in recommending this tipster.

  3. I have been with Master Racing Tipster for the best part of a year (and the worst part). You need a full bank and balls of steel to stay in as the troughs can be deep. The four months after Xmas were particularly difficult.
    The prices quoted move fast. So get them quick but try to get Best Odds Guaranteed in case they drift. Betfair SP can also be a good bet with a drifter. Prices tend to be on the lower side. Especially when confidence is low. One to three bets a day with frequent no bet days.
    A bit too unreliable for my liking which is a shame as the last time I reviewed I was singing his praises. That was just before one of his massive troughs. I think I put a curse on him as the other guy I reviewed at the time, Footy Doubles, called it a day after a tragic run that destroyed his soul.
    Update: June 18 finished on 21 pts and so far in July we are half a point up.

  4. I’ve only recently started using Master Racing Services (late May 2018) and have been in profit since. There has been a steady stream of winners since I joined. Lest anyone should think that its all winners this is not the case as there have been losers also, but, as already stated I have earned a nice profit since I joined.. I follow the recommended bet levels and recently increased my stake level to double. I have no problem recommending Master Racing Services based on my experience to date.

  5. Excellent and reliable service giving regular winnings and consistent profits every month. I have no hesitation in recommending this service.
    Thank you

  6. I have only backed your tips for 4 days and so far so good .Iam usually a person who gives a tipster a chance.So I will stick to your points system and hope for the best.Keep the tips going I’m sure I will stay in the black THANKS

  7. Have been following Master Racing for nearly two years it has been successful it has had its. Ups and downs but remains profitable and that is the purpose

  8. Winners and losers are part and parcel of horse 🐎 racing your tips are good I haven’t been doing them that long but long enough to know it should pay off in the end 👍🏻👍🏻

  9. I’ve only been with Lee for a short period but in that time his consistent results certainly put him head and shoulders above the tipsters I’ve tried previously, Good Going Lee

  10. I’ve been following Lee’s tips for 18 months now in that time he has returned a very nice profit for me. i’ve recently increased my stakes by 50% im that confident in his advice. Its low risk compared to some tipsters with usually 1 or 2 solid tips a day, which can also provide lucrative multiples if combined with 1 or 2 other selections either your own or from another source. Lee definitely knows his horse racing and the write up he provides with each tip provide value information to support his selection. Give Master Racing a try im sure you wont be disappointed, of all the tipsters i follow and have followed only Master Racing i would give 5 stars because of his low risk solid month on month performances.

  11. Only testing water at the moment but not a bad service for the free bets maybe join you in a month or so like any other services we have to be patient

  12. I’ve no doubt Master Racing Tipster is a shred judge and knows the game inside out.

    However I gave up trying to get the bets on ages ago. Few people can (if a successsful punter) get bets on the night before when you are consistently beating SP and making a profit. You simply get closed down by the bookmaker or reduced to pitifully small stakes. I know, I’ve had 15 sets of accounts closed (family friends etc) and currently have 1 betting account left.

    Why can’t the tips be given in the morning? At least we would have a chance of getting on in the shops if bets not releseased too early!

    Some may say the prices will have gone in the morning but I don’t go along with that. Not all tipsters choose the same selections.

    If anyone has a solution to my problem I’d be much obliged, but quite frankly there is no mileage in backing the night before, as you will get closed down or restricted. Common knowledge these days. If I could get bets on the night before I wouldn’t need a tipster.

  13. I have been using this service for years now and I continue to make steady profit with Lee.

    Definitely worth signing up for his tips.

  14. I have to say in the month of January with unseen before weather and lots of talk about flu jabs and how they effect equine recipents I witnessed what can only be described as magical with 11 days left in the month and trading with a deficit of over 250 pound *10 stakes Master Racing Tipster (Lee) sent a message with his selections that he would be sticking to tried and trusted selection process and basically owned the fact it had been a bad month without any of the above excuses today with a day to spare he brought the service back into profit

  15. Been following master racing for 3 years now and I’m well in profit. Steady profit no flash in the pan or big price winners to boost things, this means losing spells are not disastrous . i’d recommend following this tipster.

  16. privileged to be a member of this service. nothing complicated. Just 1-2 straight up bets sent to your inbox everyday. Very good for all levels of punter. Not time consuming to follow and the profits are outstanding, deserves to be number 1 tipster on here for me having tried quite a lot. I am sure this year will be another success.

  17. Master Racing Tipster was recommended to me by a friend and although he had an exceptional bad run of 30 consecutive losers I think he will turn things around. I have every faith that your hard work will pay off soon and I will be there with you

  18. Now that my post is on line I see that I’m actually posted above the comments of Steve H
    That is the comments I refer to
    Me,bar is meant to be member!

  19. I can repeat the above testimonial having been a life me,bar for the past 2 years.
    Anyone looking to join can review the results from day 1 with confidence.
    The evening emails are important for those like myself who cannot access emails am
    As with any share portfolio there are peaks and troughs
    This service is worth sticking with

  20. Losing runs are part of the game. But sticking with you will pay off in the long term. I have every faith that your hard work will pay off soon and I will be there with you

  21. I’m now into my third year of a lifetime subscription with Master Racing Tipster, one of a portfolio of tipsters that I follow. Although January 2018 has started with a rare poor run I have absolute confidence in this service to make healthy profits again this year as it has done over the previous years. It is a simple to follow service with only one or two bets most days- you need to be quick off the mark sometimes when he gives out a bet to achieve something near the advised odds, but even having to take a few points below on occasions I have found MRT very
    profitable. This of the best services I have ever been involved with.

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