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JPW Racing Review
Confidence Rating : 73%
Average Monthly Profit: £14.04
Strike Rate: 16.37%
Return on Investment: 1.62%
Since: 21st Feb 2018
JPW Racing


Below are the monthly figures since we started tracking JPW Racing.

JPW Racing Tipster Review
21st February 2018 onwards
Month Profit (£10/pt) Strike Rate ROI Tips
21st February 18 onwards £19.00 21.43% 14.07% 14
March 18 £27.38 12.09% 2.38% 91
April 18 £233.29 21.70% 18.61% 106
May 18 £88.61 16.49% 8.17% 97
June 18 £68.69 15.22% 6.64% 92
July 18 -£153.13 15.79% -19.02% 76
August 18 -£17.88 16.13% -2.55% 62
September 18 £80.25 16.67% 9.90% 72
October 18 -£84.47 15.71% -11.30% 70
November 18 -£145.58 31.25% -16.09% 78
December 18 -£41.53 15.19% -4.31% 79
January 19 -£243.00 8.54% -27.77% 82
February 19 £477.75 31.25% 72.66% 64
March 19 £346.61 14.81% 30.34% 108
April 19 £112.65 18.10% 10.13% 105
May 19 -£249.43 12.50% -23.81% 96
June 19 -£10.38 10.53% -1.13% 76
July 19 -£244.04 10.77% -34.62% 65
August 19 -£54.19 16.44% -6.02% 73
September 19 -£28.50 14.29% -4.42% 56
October 19 £113.87 17.54% 18.00% 57
November 19 £144.83 21.88% 20.93% 64
December 19 -£246.63 11.11% -32.82% 63
January 20 £298.00 27.66% 55.70% 47
February 20 -£102.79 14.58% -18.52% 48
March 20 -£34.88 16.25% -3.55% 80


JPW Racing is a horse racing tipster service run by James Walsh. A well established name in the industry, JPW Racing has been in existence since 2008 and seems to have built up a decent reputation in that time.

We reviewed the service between 21st February and 20th May 2018 and it produced the following results:

JPW Racing Tipster Review
21st Feb to 20th May 2018
Profit 39.25 pts
Strike Rate 17.13%
Return on Investment 16.31%
# Selections 286
Average Odds 10.08

JPW Racing Tipster made a solid 39.25pts across the three month review, £130.83 per month based upon £10 per pt. Given the double figure average odds, the strike rate is excellent at 17.13% (winners only) and if you include place returns the figure is higher still.

JPW Racing Review

The advised bank for the service is 100pts which is more than sufficient on the evidence of the review period. The biggest draw down we had in the review was 31 pts between 14th March and 13th April where he lost 31pts. At that point we were 7pts down overall but that didn’t last long as things really picked up for the remaining six weeks.

When betting at odds of 10 and above you will always have losing spells. It is imperative that you understand this when following a successful tipster. Working to your betting bank is, as always, crucial.

JPW Racing is a straight forward service to follow. Selections are delivered the evening before via email/test and are also available via the members section of the website. Stakes are usually 1pt Win or 0.5pt E/W but there are some smaller E/W bets advised on higher priced picks as well as the odd higher stake on a very fancied pick. Where JPW Racing excels is the level of detail given

Every pick comes with a full analysis as James explains his thinking and why exactly he thinks that particular horse represents a value selection. This level of detail is taken the next level in Festivals when feature races are dissected with James giving his thoughts not only on each and every runner but describing exactly how he feels the race will go. Here is a snippet from his preview of The Oaks recently:

“I am happy to take Wild Illusion on at the prices. Not because I don’t like the horse but because she is stepping up by a full 1/2 mile from her previous starts. This combined with the soft ground is going to stretch her stamina massively. She may well get the trip but it is a big step up. They should have gone 1m then 1m 2f and then 1m 4f (todays trip). It is not certain she gets the trip.
Picks are sent early evening, most often between 6-7pm. It is imperative you act quickly when receiving them as early odds can fluctuate quite quickly and an hour or two delay can easily cost you a couple of pts in the advised price. I strongly advise you to download the Betting Gods app to assist with this as it will alert you as soon as the picks are available and eliminate any delays that may occur with emails.

FOREVER TOGETHER looks a horse who is progressing nicely. Nothing has been rushed with her and to me Aiden O’Brien has let her do everything in her own time. I thought her last start was a very good effort and she travelled like the best horse in the race. She came home 2nd that day but if she had a clear run I personally think she would have won the race. This extra distance will be appreciated for this very well bred filly. I don’t know about the ground but I think she would’ve preferred it better but one thing for sure is she will stay every yard and more.

With the improvement to come and for a horse who is well balanced, I am sure she will run a huge race.”

Forever Together was the advised tip and of course she romped home at 6/1.

As well as the in depth analysis a recap is given of the previous days results, good or bad.

Despite selections being given the evening before there hasn’t been any issue at all with price with the advised odds proving easy to obtain the overwhelming majority of the time.

The cost of the service is £34.99 (including VAT) for 1 month. Taking this figure into account we’d have made a profit of £95.84 per month during the review. Further savings can be made with the three, six and twelve month options. You can initially take a 28 day trial of the service for a fee of just £2.99.

It should be noted that the payments are not recurring. If you are happy and wish to continue, you subscribe again for the length of your choice.

Total results are only available from Jan 1st of this year but there are a list of all winning tips in previous years from 2015 onwards on the website.:

JPW Racing Tipster Review
1st January 2018 to 10th June 2018
Profit 70.81 pts
Return on Investment 14.36%

Às with all services we review we will continue to monitor results, updating you at the end of each month, plus ensuring the headline figures and those on the league tables remain up to date.


This is a service that very much inspires confidence on every level. Steady consistent results, outstanding levels of detail and excellent customer service (any queries are answered promptly) gives you the feeling you are in very safe hands with JPW Racing.

The option of the 28 day trial for just £2.99 is one that I would encourage anyone to take advantage of. By the end of that period you will I’m sure feel confident you are in safe hands and ready to take a longer plan.

Remember, you aren’t tied in when subscribing to this service as payments do not renew. Once your chosen period is over you will receive a reminder and it is up to you if you then take out another subscription. If you do not wish to you haven’t got the hassle of having to cancel.

Click here to learn more about JPW Racing

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