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Golf Betting Expert Review
Confidence Rating : 79%
Average Monthly Profit: £66.48
Strike Rate: 10.46%
Return on Investment: 7.50%
Since: Sep 1, 2017
Golf Betting Expert


Below are the monthly figures since we started tracking Golf Betting Expert:

Golf Betting Expert
1st Sep 2017 onwards
Month Profit (£10/pt) ROI Tips
September 17 £418.00 77.41% 34
October 17 -£198.00 -49.50% 37
November 17 £1130.00 179.37% 45
December 17 -£200.00 -64.52% 20
January 18 -£72.50 -10.28% 58
February 18 -£314.00 -83.73% 68
March 18 -£624.00 -122.35% 56
April 18 -£703.00 -159.77% 43
May 18 £596.00 120.40% 66
June 18 -£250.50 -61.10% 60
July 18 -£320.00 -63.37% 43
August 18 £3180.80 544.96% 30
September 18 -£302.50 -56.02% 34
October 18 £263.00 70.13% 33
November 18 -£730.80 -141.90% 38
December 18 £155.00 65.96% 14
January 19 £547.00 94.31% 52
February 19 -£185.00 -43.53% 36
March 19 £727.00 230.79% 29
April 19 -£274.00 -78.29% 30
May 19 £288.00 55.92% 46
June 19 -£253.00 -93.70% 29
July 19 £282.70 -53.34% 58
August 19 -£398.00 -92.56% 33
September 19 £102.00 26.84% 18
October 19 -£76.70 -16.67% 41
November 19 -£190.00 -50.00% 31
December 19 £345.00 82.14% 19
January 20 -£875.00 -169.90% 43
February 20 -£615.00 -107.89% 28
March 20 £1100.00 550.00% 14


*As of 25th November 2019 Golf Betting Expert has moved to the Tipping Gurus platform*

Craig, the ‘Golf Betting Expert’ provides selections across the full spectrum of golf tournaments, not only including the PGA and European Tours but some of the lower level events as well.

We reviewed the service for a three month period between 1st September and 30th November and it produced the following results:

Golf Betting Expert
1st Sep to 30th Nov 2017
Profit  135 pts
Strike Rate 9.48%
Return on Investment 44.12%
# Selections 116

As can be seen from the figures above Golf Betting Expert performed very well indeed wracking up an impressive 135pts in profit and a super ROI of 44.12%. The Strike Rate of 9.48% includes placed finishers as they produce a profit in their own right.

The first thing to note is golf betting is a volatile business where patience is of the utmost importance. Winners are not as frequent, but when you get them they can be lucrative. Craig is not in the business of picking the shorter priced favorites, indeed the average price for his selections is 107/1! As such a strike rate of over 9% is a fine achievement.

As we can see from the graph above things got off to a slow start and at one point in September we were 64pts down. For some that can be quite scary but I must iterate it WILL happen when following a service of this nature. Things soon turned around however as Paul Dunne won the British Masters at 66/1 to catapult us into profit for the month.

The winners eluded us in October, but several place finishes, including one for 200/1 Robert Rock ensured it wasn’t a total disaster and it ended up -20.2pts.

November however was a different matter as the review period finished with a bang with wins for 80/1 Wade Ormsby and a heavy 5pt E/W investment on Jon Rahm in the DP World Tour Championships bearing fruit to the tune of 87.5pts profit.

Selections for Golf Betting Expert are advised once a week on a Tuesday, usually around midday. As tournaments begin on Thursday this gives ample time to get your bets on. There is not normally an issue with obtaining prices although I would advise to place them on the Tuesday, they can change as the tournament start approaches. It can also pay to shop around, using Oddschecker is wise, as many bookies have special ‘place’ offers where they pay out on the top six or seven rather than the standard five. Craig usually advises the best bookie to use.

It is absolutely vital to work to your betting bank with a service of this nature. The advised bank for this service is 200pts and if you are unfortunate to join at the wrong time you may need much of it. Losing runs are inevitable. However, don’t let that put you off, the results have shown that Craig knows his stuff and soon enough another big winner comes along that can very quickly catapult you into profit.

You pay £1 for your first 30 days for Golf Betting Expert before it reverts to a standard monthly payment of £49.95 per month + VAT. Taking a standard monthly payment into account it would have given us a monthly profit over the review period of £390.06 based upon £10 per point. Most certainly not a figure to be sniffed at!

*New price from 1st September 2018 is £7 for first 15 days, then £25 a month + VAT. 

Betting Gods services come complete with a full history of results which is especially important in this case, did Craig just get lucky with a couple of big winners in our review, or is it something he produces consistently. Here are the figures:

Golf Betting Expert
Mar 2016 to 18th Jan 2018
Profit 911.16 pts
Strike Rate 8.88%
Return on Investment 39.72%

It’s very re-assuring to see that the three months we reviewed certainly weren’t a flash in the pan. Both the strike rate and ROI are very similar over the longer period and the profit accrued speaks for itself. There is little doubt Craig knows his stuff and the big priced winners come along at pretty regular intervals.

As always we will continue to follow the service and the headline figures you see at the top of the review will be updated after each event. They will be taken from the day we started following the service on 1st September 2017 and continued ongoing.


As long as you have the betting bank available the Golf Betting Expert is a no brainer. The profits it generates are consistent and considerable. As mentioned in the review you must be disciplined and you must be patient as you won’t win every week and it essential that you stick to your betting bank.

It is a very simple service to follow that doesn’t consume much of your time. There is one set of selections each week on a Tuesday, then just sit back and follow the results.

As always with Betting Gods services you are covered with a 30 day money back guarantee if you decide it is not for you.


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