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Goal Profits Review

With the English football season about to restart in earnest we thought it would be a good time to give our thoughts on one of the biggest football trading sites, Goal Profits.

Goal Profits is run by Steve Brown and Kevin Laverick, two very experienced traders who have turned their attention into creating a site designed to educate you in the art of trading.

This is not a ‘tipster’ site. There are no results that can be tracked from direct tips as each and every trader will have a different strategy and style and thus differing results. The aim of the site is to teach you the skills needed to find your own profitable angles and trades.

Originally launched back in 2011, Goal Profits has evolved and grown over the years to the ‘beast’ that it is today. The wealth of information available is simply staggering and after several months I have still only touched the surface of what’s available.

So, how does it all work?


Your first destination will be the ‘Launchpad’ section. Aptly titled, this is where your journey will ‘take off’ from.

Launchpad is essentially the training manual that will take you from a complete beginner right the way through to advanced strategies.

It is broken down in a very easy to follow format.

The first category is ‘Trading Basics’: There are no trading strategies here as such but arguably it contains the most important information. It discusses the importance of mindsets, bank management, recording results, targets etc. Discipline is essential in all forms of betting and even more so when it comes to trading. You won’t always win, and learning to understand and cope with that is a major factor.

From here you have three sections:

Trading for Beginners
Intermediate Training
Advanced Training

Each section introduces you to new strategies you can use for trading and talks you through how you can utilize the tools provided by Goal Profits to identify the opportunities.

The information here is vast but there is no need to rush. The Beginners section alone has some useful straight forward strategies that can have you up and running almost immediately allowing you to master the basics before moving onto the more advanced sections.


As mentioned, all of the strategies make use of the outstanding tools available to Goal Profits members. The first such tool you are introduced to is ‘Team Stats’.

Team Stats is essentially a vast database covering 80 professional leagues. Upon opening it you are greeted with all the fixtures for that day. A click on a fixture opens up a wealth of information to help you identify opportunities.

Examples are:

  • Percentage of games with over 0.5, 1.5 and 2.5 goals for each team
  • Percentage of games where Both Teams Scored
  • Percentage of games with goals in first 15 mins (and other time periods)

There are many more, that’s just the basics.

The wealth of information is vast, and it is all explained for you and how it can be used in various strategies.  Each section of data has a tooltip on the heading so you can easily identify what it means, although before long it becomes second nature.

For those who really want to delve deep into the data you can search the database that contains over 200,000 matches.

Want form trends over 5, 10, 15 etc matches, you can find them. Average number of home wins, away wins, goals, trends.. it’s all available to be sorted for the teams and time period you require. The level of information available is truly quite staggering.

Click on any team and there results for the season are listed. It’s color coded so you can see at a glance how they have performed against teams in different zones of the league table.

You can sort by 1st half performance, 2nd half performance and so on.


Another excellent feature is the ‘League tables’. Here you can view league tables for a whole assortment of criteria. For example, how does a team perform after going 1-0 up? The league table for that criteria will show you.

The options are endless allowing you to identify your own trading opportunities as well as those systems recommended in your training.


That now brings us onto the coup de grace in my opinion.. the Live Stats Module.

Here you can track games in real time across pretty much every league in the world. Think of the live stats you see on a betting site such as Bet365, but all on one screen and with far far more detail.

You have the usual shots on target, off target, possession, corners etc, but the system also creates a ‘rating’          both for the game as a whole and the last ten minutes which shows you how much pressure a team is putting on and as such the likelihood a goal may be imminent.

In addition to this, the system will highlight games when they qualify for one of the various strategies given to you in your training. This means you don’t even have to spend any time yourself looking for opportunities!

As you can tell, I am massively impressed by Goal Profits.

I have only touched upon the features available and the level of training provided and yet still there is one massive feature I’ve not mentioned and that is the community itself.

A live chat room is provided which during games is always busy with members sharing ideas and trades. Both Steve and Kevin themselves regularly spend time in the chatroom sharing trades and answering questions. It is an absolutely fantastic place to learn and a very friendly place to boot.

Steve and Kevin advise in advance when there sessions are going to take place and in the early days they really are beneficial.

So, all that leaves me to do is give a massive thumbs up to Goal Profits, I simply cannot recommend it highly enough.

The good news is Goal Profits are running a two months for the price of one offer until 21st September.  If you are serious about your football betting/trading.. then I strongly advise you to take advantage.


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