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ESports Betting Review
Confidence Rating : 60%
Average Monthly Profit: £-39.10
Strike Rate: 40.60%
Return on Investment: -4.91%
Since: April 6, 2018
ESports Betting Tipster

If you’d told me a decade or so ago that betting on computer games would soon become a ‘thing’ I’d have laughed. Yet here we are and the world of ESports is continuing to grow ever larger with professional teams playing in tournaments across the world. Of course the bookies took notice and now markets can be found in contests in games such as ‘League of Legends’ and ‘Counterstrike’. Of course with new markets come new experts hence step forward Harry, otherwise known as Esports Betting Tipster.

We reviewed Esports Betting Tipster for a five month period between 6th April and 5th September 2018 and it produced the following results:


ESports Betting Tipster
6th Apr to 5th Sep 2018
Profit 24.23 pts
Strike Rate 34.06%
Return on Investment 5.28%
Average Odds 3.81
# Selections 138


ESports Betting Tipster Review

Esports Betting Tipster concluded the review 24.23pts in profit, a reasonable return at an ROI of 5.28%. Four of the five months were profitable but the review was damaged by a disastrous month of June when 57.85 pts were lost.

Selections are easy to follow with all picks being head to head match ups and the winner being chosen. Esports Betting Tipster certainly is a ‘favourites’ backer as Average Odds of 3.81 for two way matchups shows.

The advised betting bank for the service is 100pts, which should be more than safe although losing runs can happen as was shown in June.

Selections were received for the most part during the evening although the time can vary from anything from 6pm to 11pm. Occasionally selections are received early morning but you always have plenty of time to get your bets placed. Stake sizes can vary from 1-10pts with the breakdown shown as below:

ESports Betting Tipster
6th April to 5th Sep 2018
1 pt 53 -13.64
2 pt 23 28.52
3 pt 18 9.72
4 pt 4 -8.00
5 pt 10 -13.65
6 pt 4 2.10
7 pt 8 16.73
8 pt 6 38.00
9 pt 8 -22.05
10 pt 4 -13.50

You can join Esports Betting Tipster for £7 which gives you access for 15 days, followed by monthly payments of £20 + VAT. When taking the standard monthly payment into consideration (including VAT) it gives a £24.46 profit per month over the review based upon £10 per point. There are also quarterly and annual plans available allowing you to save further. All Betting Gods services come with a 30 day money back guarantee.

Esports Betting Tipster was launched in November 2017, these are the figures shown on the Betting Gods website.

ESports BettingTipster
9th Nov 2017 to 2nd Sep 2018
Profit 208.19 pts
Strike Rate 36.24%
Return on Investment 21.80%

We will continue to track results and all headline figures at the top of this page will be up to date from when we began this review. At the bottom you will be able to view the month by month performance of the service.


A very simple service to follow with all selections being of a ‘Win’ variety in a two way contest. June was a terrible month mainly due to numerous larger price selections going down but aside from that Esports Betting Tipster has produced steady profits.

It’s a new area and one that is only going to grow in the future, it will be interesting to see just how much. Sometimes when bookies move into a new field such as this there is potential to capitalize as they are finding their feet… if you have the expertise to do so that is. It seems Harry has that. If the service can continue to produce and avoid the kind of month produced in June it could become a very successful service indeed.


Below are the monthly figures since we started tracking ESports Betting Tipster:

ESports Betting Tipster
6th April 2018 onwards
Month Profit (£10/pt) Strike Rate
April 18 £160.10 32.61%
May 18 £154.40 32.14%
June 18 -£578.50 20.00%
July 18 £305.30 38.46%
August 18 £222.10 42.86%

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