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Each Way Hits Review
Confidence Rating : 80%
Average Monthly Profit: £78.00
Strike Rate: 12.48%
Return on Investment: 10.83%
Since: 7th Mar 2018
Each Way Hits


Below are the monthly figures since we started tracking Each Way Hits.

Each Way Hits
7th March 2018 onwards
Month Profit (£10/pt) Strike Rate ROI Tips
March 7th onwards 18 £279.00 20.00% 68.05% 20
April 18 £218.00 18.18% 49.55% 22
May 18 £424.50 13.33% 70.75% 30
June 18 £201.13 25.93% 37.25% 27
July 18 -£174.00 6.67% -29.00% 30
August 18 -£144.75 13.33% -24.13% 30
September 18 -£118.25 8.00% -22.74% 25
October 18 £791.75 21.88% 119.96% 32
November 18 -£167.00 4.76% -39.05% 21
December 18  £172.95 11.54% 33.26% 26
January 19 – £82.51 8.33% -13.54% 24
February 19 -£31.88 5.88% -9.38% 17
March 19 -£239.00 4.35% -51.96% 23
April 19 £189.00 18.18%  42.95% 22
May 19 £58.25 7.69%  11.20% 26
June 19 -£24.50 5.26%  -4.62% 19
July 19 -£479.38 8.33%  -39.95% 24
August 19 -£115.88 13.64%  -10.53% 22
September 19 £750.00 21.43%  56.82% 28
October 19 -£130.00 9.09%  -10.57% 33
November 19 £115.50 6.06%  11.67% 33
December 19 £339.38 18.18%  30.85% 22
January 20 £207.50 18.18%  18.86% 22
February 20 -£235.00 6.67%  -32.19% 15


Each Way Hits is a service provided by a gentleman called Gavin on the Betfan platform. As you can guess from its title it’s focusing on higher priced value horses to ensure a profit is made if they place.

We reviewed the service between 7th March and 6th November and it produced the following results:

Each Way Hits
7th March to 6th November 2018
Profit 142.14 pts
Strike Rate 15.45%
Return on Investment 63.88%
Average Odds 10.05
# Selections 220

There is no doubt whatsoever that Each Way Hits has more than proved itself during the eight months we have been tracking it. It has generated a profit of 142.14pts, which works out to 17.77 pts per month, or £177.70 based upon £10 per pt selections. The ROI is an outstanding 63.88%. The service is very selective indeed with most days there just being the one selection and it isn’t afraid to have a no bet day.

Each Way Hits Review

There is no advised betting bank but I would suggest a figure of 100pts would be more than sufficient given the low amount of selections advised.

As you would expect for a service with average advised odds in double figures there are losing runs and we did hit a tough spell during the review over the summer months where a loss was made in July, August and September. This was wiped out and then some by a tremendous October which catapulted the profits forward again. Once again this demonstrated the absolute importance of working to a betting bank and remaining patient.

As mentioned on most days there is just the one selection which makes Each Way Hits very straight forward to follow with the overwhelming majority of the selections being 1pt E/W picks.

Picks are sent by email each evening between 6-8pm. It is very important to ensure you get as close to the advised price as possible. Each Way Hits is not profitable to SP as it lost 55pts during the review period. That being said, you don’t see the dramatic drop in prices you sometimes see once the pick is released and you can often get the same or very close to the price the following morning which helps with account retention, as does the very low amount of selections of course. It is wise to have numerous bookmaker accounts and spread the picks around.

There are no write-ups or explanations with the selections, it’s a service that very much let’s its numbers do the talking.

The cost of the service is £45 per month or £90 per quarter.

Each Way Hits has operated on Betfan since 21st June and these are the results they have so far:

Each Way Hits
June 21st 2017 to Nov 6th 2018
Profit 1165.21pts
Return on Investment 36.79%

Again these figures are excellent. The ROI is lower than in our review period but that is primarily due to a significant change that occurred in the service just prior to us beginning the review. In the early days of Each Way hits the volume of selections was much higher with often 4-5 picks being advised. Although this led to more profit it meant the ROI was lower.

Às with all services we review we will continue to monitor results, updating you at the end of each month, plus ensuring the headline figures and those on the league tables remain up to date.


If you have a good range of accounts to play with then this Each Way Hits would be an excellent addition to your portfolio. It is extremely easy to follow with just one pick a day and the results produced speak for themselves.

The service isn’t cheap at £45 per month, but when the average profit is £177 per month (based on £10 per pt) you’re making a healthy profit. Taking advantage of the quarterly option of £90 gives you additional savings.

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  1. Been with Each Way Hist since the start and its bene a great ride – Had a couple fo down spells which you can expect with any Service but overall its been the pick of my portfolio for quite some time now.

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