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The Bookies Enemy Review
Confidence Rating : 80%
Average Monthly Profit: £122.55
Strike Rate: 12.73%
Return on Investment: 12.24%
Since: 10th Nov 2017
The Bookies Enemy


Below are the monthly figures since we started tracking The Bookies Enemy:

The Bookies Enemy
10th Nov 2017 onwards
Month Profit (£10/pt) Strike Rate ROI Tips
November 17 £601.75 26.47% 133.72% 34
December 17 £230.50 14.04% 31.58% 57
January 18 £308.50 12.50% 30.85% 80
February 18 £521.50 11.59% 62.46% 69
March 18 £10.30 11.11% 1.19% 90
April 18 -£203.63 9.52% -22.85% 84
May 18 £330.11 12.07% 22.46% 118
June 18 £525.77 17.27% 36.49% 110
July 18 £126.50 8.96% 14.25% 67
August 18 £686.38 20.00% 69.05% 70
September 18 £229.50 13.04% 34.15% 46
October 18 -£29.45 12.79% -2.72% 86
November 18 -£166.90 15.38% -15.17% 78
December 18 -£425.40 5.33% -43.32% 75
January 19 -£308.00 9.57% -24.80% 94
February 19 -£122.48 14.47% -12.60% 76
March 19 £835.00 25.00% 78.18% 76
April 19 £1277.20 19.72% 125.46% 71
May 19 -£140.50 10.00% -8.24% 120
June 19 £299.30 15.38% 21.72% 91
July 19 -£310.78 11.83% -20.97% 93
August 19 £534.30 14.61% 42.88% 89
September 19 £131.30 14.14% -10.27% 99
October 19 -£74.60 3.41% -6.56% 88
November 19 -£769.90 3.45% -70.76% 87
December 19 -£480.00 4.69% -55.68% 64
January 20 -£412.95 10.87% -35.06% 92
February 20 £573.25 20.00% 68.24% 70
March 20 £9.20 12.12% 2.02% 33
June 20 £36.00 10.00% 32.73% 10


The Bookies Enemy is a service provided by Gary Poole. Gary has run this service across a few platforms over the years with notable success. He has recently joined the Betting Gods stable and it this service that we will be focusing on in this review.

We reviewed the service between 10th November and 10th February and it produced the following results:

The Bookies Enemy
10th Nov to 10th Feb 2018
Profit 95.98 pts
Strike Rate 14.87%
Return on Investment 45.86%
# Selections 195

A very healthy profit of 95.98pts was generated during the review period, that’s £959.80 based upon £10 per point. The ROI is an outstanding 45.86%.

The Bookies Enemy Review

The advised bank for the The Bookies Enemy is 100pts which as you can see from the above was never in any danger. Six days into the review we were at -3pts but from that point the trend was always upwards. There will always be an element of peaks and troughs in services of this nature as we are dealing with higher odds. As such you get periods of slow decline followed by a big jump when a winner lands. The biggest of these declines occurred between 31st Dec and 15th Jan when the service regressed by 39.75pts. This was wiped out within days however as some big priced winners came in.

Once again, as we always stress, working to the advised betting bank is key. Anyone doing so, regardless of when they joined would not have faced any problems.

The Bookies Enemy
10th Nov to 10th Feb 2018
Picks Profit Av Odds
1pt 139 94.13pts 10.47
1pt e/w 40 27.15pts 22.75
0.5pt e/w 4 -0.2pts 22.25
2pt 8 -16pts 8.19
3pt 3 -9pts 3.76
0.1pt 1 -0.1pts 832

The Bookies Enemy is pretty straight forward to follow with the bulk of the picks being either 1pt wins or 1pt e/w. As the table above shows this is where all of the services profits came from. Gary occasionally threw in a 2 or 3pt pick but during the review period didn’t taste success with any of them.

Picks are sent early evening, most often between 6-7pm. It is imperative you act quickly when receiving them as early odds can fluctuate quite quickly and an hour or two delay can easily cost you a couple of pts in the advised price. I strongly advise you to download the Betting Gods app to assist with this as it will alert you as soon as the picks are available and eliminate any delays that may occur with emails.

Gary gives a write up for each of his selections which helps us gain an understanding into his thinking behind the selection. Although not essential it is something that a number of people like to see.

The cost of The Bookies Enemy is £1 for the first 10 days followed by a monthly payment of £40 per month + VAT. There are also options to pay quarterly, which works out at £26.67 a month or an annual payment of £240 per year + VAT. As always there is a 30 day money back guarantee.

The Bookies Enemy started proofing via the Betting Gods platform on 1st July 2017 and these are the results they have so far:


The Bookies Enemy
1st July 2017 to 21st Feb 2018
Profit 271.36 pts
Return on Investment 46.32%

The good news here of course is that impressive ROI figure has been maintained over the longer period, indeed it is very slightly higher at 46.32% compared to the 45.86% during our review.

Às with all services we review we will continue to monitor results, updating you at the end of each month, plus ensuring the headline figures and those on the league tables remain up to date.


There isn’t much one can find to fault The Bookies Enemy. The profits are excellent, the ROI superb and with an average of just two to three bets per day it isn’t at all time consuming. Throw in it’s a pretty simple service to follow with most picks being of the 1pt win or 1pt e/w variety and it ticks the boxes for most types of punter.

The caveats are really the usual ones. It is important to get on the selections as quickly as possible in order to obtain the best value. Having a wide range of accounts will help with that and spreading your bets out around them can help in terms of keeping hold of accounts.

7 Replies to “The Bookies Enemy”

  1. I’ve been a member for 6 weeks or so and I’m very happy with the service, well in profit. The only thing I will say is that I can never get the quoted prices and I have accounts with a dozen bookies. It doesn’t matter because the prices I get are pretty good, but I don’t make the claimed profit.

  2. A good steady service with a cracking result today. I didn’t get the early price but I’m happy with what I got. Keep them coming Gary.

  3. Hi Andy, I totally agree what you are saying. I am alerted via app when the tips are released, But still cannot get all the value.
    Todays winner (major assault) was given out at 50/1 1pt E/W @ Betfair and Paddy Power, I went straight to Betfair Sportsbook and the price had changed to 33/1. Nice still as the winners SP returned at 12/1. But still 15 pts short of advised price.

  4. I have just subscribed for a year after trialling for 3 months Great service and customer service, stick to the staking plan, and be prepared for not getting winners all the time, but good profits can be achieved. Prices can quickly go down on posting bets so get bets on quickly.

  5. I’ve been a follower now for over three months. Did the trial and I was more than happy to become a fully payed up member.

    It’s a great service. Big priced winners and informative write ups providing reasons behind selections.
    I get my bets on asap after the email and if the winners keep coming I will just place a few mug bets to look like a loser. The mug bets would either be ridiculous accas here and there or singles that you just match up and lay off in the exchange. The bookies will love you if it looks like you’ve just lumped half your winnings on an odds on fav that loses and you collect in the exchange.

    Get on it. You won’t regret it.

  6. I have been a member for a couple of months and clearly Gary knows what he is doing. Profits have been good and the service genuine.

    My only negative and it is quite a significant one, is that the drop in prices is usually pretty dramatic from the early advice. I have regularly seen 14/1 shots trading at c8/1 within a couple of hours. The advice given above to take the prices the moment they come out is pretty niave in my view as grabbing early prices in weak markets in the early evening is a sure fire way to get accounts restricted or closed in a hurry. I’ve seen this with a number of Betting Gods tipsters who tip in the early markets where big stand out prices are easy to quote and produce great profit headlines but few punters can obtain them long term. I always look at results and apply a 20% price reduction to all winners. That often gives a better long term view. Gary passes that test quite easily at the moment despite his tips usually being very big movers.
    In Gary’s case, I suspect he has a strong impact on the markets with a decent following, so price jumps are not unexpected. The good thing is that many of the bigger priced selections drift out again either overnight or during race day, so by being patient and setting minimum prices that you will take, it is often possible to match Gary’s prices. As a result you miss a few winners that just tank in the market, but equally you will miss a bunch of losers as well and taking bad prices will not lead to a profit. More importantly those accounts are more likely to stay open!

    Overall I think it’s a decent service, i’d just prefer the tips to come out a bit later and the early prices to be more achievable whilst retaining open accounts. Backing in the early markets on the exchanges is not much help as the liquidity tends to be poor until later.

    Part of my portfolio for now and will keep an eye on the all important prices. If a 45% ROI is maintained to quoted prices then there is plenty of slack but i’m not sure anyone maintains that level in the long term. Maybe Gary does and if so he’s more than a gem!!

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