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The Best Horse Racing Tipsters
The Best Horse Racing Tipsters

Who are the best horse racing tipsters?

I’m sure that’s a question many of you have  asked, hence you being on a tipster review site!

Finding the best horse racing tipsters is no easy task. Tipsters come and go at quite a rate. Some tipsters are successful for a few months, during which time they catch some great reviews but then fade into obscurity. Others may not suit your individual style of betting or involve a great number of tips than you are happy with.

There are numerous review sites out there and many have similar lists but unfortunately a great deal are stagnant and out of date. Some contain services listed as ‘the best horse racing tipster’ that don’t exist anymore or have long since declined from their previous standards.

This is why we have our League table of Top Horse Racing Tipsters. Results are consistently updated for every horse racing tipster. A ‘Confidence rating’ based upon the services success is  awarded resulting in their ranking. The table can be sorted however you desire, by Confidence Rating, Average Profit, Return on Investment or Strike Rate.

Quite simply you will be able to see at any moment in time which horse racing tipster is offering the best horse racing tips and as such who truly can claim the crown of the best horse racing tipster.

However, it doesn’t end there. Not all horse racing tipsters will be suitable for you. Our independent reviews allow you to understand how the service works, when the tips are advised, the quantity and the time involved so you can ascertain whether it fits your individual circumstances.

So simply click on Top Tipsters on our menu above, or click below to take your first step into discovering truly who are the best horse racing tipsters.

Tipster League Table

Below are the current top five best horse racing tipsters:

1: Wizard of Big Odds

Sitting proudly as the best horse racing tipster we have reviewed is Wizard of Big Odds, a service provided by the Tipsters Empire Platform.

Operating for just over 12 months it has amassed over £3000 in profit at an ROI in excess of 40%.

We have followed the service since 14th Dec and the figures since than are even more impressive… ROI of 72.81% to be exact!

A very straight forward service to follow, it averages 1-2 tips per day, emailed to you each morning. You can also access them through a members area.

You can read the full review here:

Or grab a 28 day trial of the service for just £2.99 (no recurring payments)

2: The Bookies Enemy

The Bookies Enemy is a long running professional horse racing tipster by the name of Gary Poole. Plaguing the bookies for years he has found a home on the Betting Gods site.

Since joining Betting Gods in July 2017 The Bookies Enemy has amassed over £5000 in profit with an ROI of 23.56%.

We started following the service in November of 2017 and have seen it generate an average monthly profit of £241.57 to an ROI of 30.27%.

The Bookies Enemy averages 2-3 selections that are emailed to members each evening as well as being available in a members area.

You can read the full review here:

Or you can get on board for just £1 for your first 7 days:

3: Ron Williams Racing

Ron Williams is another well known professional horse racing tipster that has been around the industry for some time.

We heard the hype and began to track the service in August 2018 and it hasn’t disappointed thus far.  It has generated an average profit of £157.78 a month to an ROI of 24.28%.

Another straight forward service averaging around two selections each evening it has produced consistent results.

You can read the full review here:

Or learn more at his site and take advantage of the trial offer for just £1!

4: The Secret Handicapper

Next up in our best horse racing tipster list is The Secret Handicapper who resides on the Betfan platform.

This service differs from those above in that it offers far more selections, usually ten picks each morning. It focuses on UK racing only and covers both flat and jump racing. It specialises in handicap racing for which it’s system is best suited.

It has operated since May 2017 but we have followed it since March 2018, since when it has made a profit of £291.71 a month. The ROI on this service is lower than those above, 5.77% and there is more risk involved due to the number of selections.. however the profits are greater!

You can read the full review here:

Or learn more on The Secret Handicapper page

5: Russell Blair Racing

Russell Blair is another horse racing tipster that has been around for some time. Previously advising via social media he has now taken up residence  on the Sports Betting Stars site.

The service has been operating since April 2015 and produced some impressive results. We began to follow in October 2018 and it certainly lived up to expectations.

The service averages 2-3 tips a day, given out the evening before and concentrates on longer priced selections in the main.

You can read the full review here:

Or take advantage of a 7 day trial for free here!

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