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Banker Bets Review
Confidence Rating : 67%
Average Monthly Profit: £10.89
Strike Rate: 76.25%
Since: 24th Jan 2018
Banker Bets


Below are the monthly figures since we started tracking Banker Bets.

Banker Bets Singles
24th January 2018 onwards
Month Profit (£100/pt) Strike Rate ROI Tips
24th January 18 onwards £98.00 77.78% 19.11% 9
February 18 £153.00 76.67% 5.10% 30
March 18 £89.00 77.78% 3.30% 27
April 18 £150.00 77.14% 4.29% 35
May 18 -£790.00 53.57% -28.21% 28
June 18 £368.00 84.00% 14.72% 25
July 18 £253.00 85.00% 12.65% 20
August 18 -£410.70 69.44% -11.58% 36
September 18 £193.00 80.00% 6.43% 30
October 18 -£283.00 68.97% -9.76% 29
November 18 £489.00 74.29% 13.97% 35
December 18 £9.70 69.44% 0.28% 36
January 19 -£69.50 70.37% -5.15% 27
February 19 £36.00 75.00% 2.00% 36
March 19 £129.75 72.09% 6.03% 43
April 19 -£26.00 73.81% -1.24% 42
May 19 -£8.50 73.91% -0.74% 23
June 19 £272.00 90.91% 24.73% 22
July 19 £125.75 81.25% 15.72% 16
August 19 -£141.50 68.00% -11.32% 25
September 19 £263.50 80.65% 17.11% 31
October 19 £54.00 75.86% 3.72% 29
November 19 -£10.00 66.67% -0.07% 27
December 19 £169.50 78.57% 12.11% 28
January 20 -£106.00 68.18% -9.64% 22
February 20 -£153.00 66.67% -11.33% 27
March 20 -£105.50 42.86% -30.14% 7
April 20 -£100.00 0.00% -100.00% 2
May 20 £5.50 77.78% 1.22% 9
June 20 -£152.00 50.00% -25.33% 12
July 20 £99.50 82.35% 11.71% 17
August 20 -£158.00 56.25% -19.75% 16
September 20 £108.00 83.33% 18.00% 12
October 20 £123.50 88.24% 14.54% 17
November 20 £204.00 90.48% 19.43% 21
December 20 -£167.00 60.00% -16.70% 20
January 21 -£231.00 62.96% -17.11% 27
February 21 £117.00 81.82% 10.64% 22
March 21 -£17.00 72.73% -1.55% 22
April 21 £47.50 100.00% 31.67% 3

Banker Bets Review

Banker Bets is a service that was launched in August 2014 and concentrates on short priced favorites it deems as ‘Bankers’. As we all know, nothing is sure in football and many have fell foul in the past when backing short priced teams. It appears that John, who runs Banker Bets, has an eye for avoiding the shock results as he has compiled a good record since launch.

We reviewed Banker Bets between 23rd Nov 2017 and 23rd Feb 2018 and it produced the following results:

Banker Bets
24th Jan to 23rd Apr 2018
Profit 58.40 pts
Strike Rate 79.57%
Return on Investment 6.42%
Average Odds 1.33
# Selections 94

Banker Bets Results

The very first thing I need to point out is that for the purposes of the figures in this review all selections have been classed as 10pt picks. We always work to £10 per point on our reviews and Banker Bets recommends £100 stakes on each pick. The nature of the service lends itself to higher stakes and indeed is almost essential to get the most out of it. If you were staking at just £10 per tip you would struggle to make a profit. More on that later in the review.

As you might expect from a ‘Banker’ service the average odds are very low, sitting at 1.33. This of course lends itself to a high strike rate with a figure of just under 80%. Ideal for those who don’t like losing runs.

The service covers leagues from all across the world although the vast majority are from Europe. The selections are all straight forward win picks with the occasional double thrown in (two very low priced teams). As mentioned, losing runs are kept to a minimum. The longest losing streak during our review was three games which occurred quite early on at the start of February. This corresponded with the lowest point on the graph above and the only time we saw the service dip below the breakeven point.

After a sluggish first month during which a profit of 5.9pts was made things clicked into gear nicely in months two and three of the review with profits of 26.8pts and 25.7pts respectively.

Selections come with analysis as to why they have been made showing that it’s not  just a case of plucking some low odds picks of a coupon. A recap of results is also given making the emails an enjoyable read rather than just a straight forward pick. An example of a match analysis is as follows:

Nimes v GFC Ajaccio

With a 3 point lead over third place AC Ajaccio and a goal difference advantage of 15, a win here all but mathematically guarantees promotion for 2nd place Nimes.

But with AC having 2 winnable matches remaining on the schedule, the last thing Nimes want to do is leave it to the final day when they’ll have a much more difficult task playing away at leaders Reims.

That shouldn’t be an issue as they’re in excellent form with a record of 7-2-1 in their last 10 games and have been strong at home all season long, outscoring their visitors 34-16 on the way to a record of 11-3-4.

GFC sit 15th in the table but are 8 points clear of the relegation zone so completely safe and really just playing out the schedule at this point.

Their fans were actually singing “but we must lose at Nimes!” at the end of their home win last week that guaranteed safety as the last thing they want to see is promotion for their city rivals AC, so needless to say motivation here is more than questionable.

But even with maximum motivation it would be hard to see them getting any sort of positive result anyway having been outscored 35-11 on the way to an away league record of 3-3-12, including a draw and 6 losses in their last 7 in which they’ve been outscored 16-4.

Picks are sent by email the night before games usually between 8pm and midnight UK time. There is no rush to take prices as there is little movement, indeed sometimes they can actually drift by kick off time.

Selections are also not made for the sake of it. There are many days where no picks are given if nothing suitable is available.

The cost of Banker Bets is reasonable with a standard monthly subscription at £27.00 per month (£6.75 for first 30 days). Based upon this figure and operating at 10pt per pick as mentioned at the start of the review we made a monthly profit of £167.66 during the review.  This of course means staking the recommended £100 per selection which may not be possible depending upon your bank size.

Here is a chart showing you the monthly profit that would have been made with different stake sizes per selection during the review:


Banker Bets
24th Jan to 23rd Apr 2018
£20 £38.93
£30 £58.40
£50 £97.33
£80 £155.73

As such, even just staking £20 per selection would have seen you in profit after taking out subscription costs. There are various other packages you can try, with quarterly and annual savings providing big savings. There is also an option to package Banker Bets with another service provided called Value Picks, a review of which will be available shortly.

All subscriptions come with a 30 day money back guarantee.


The service also gives the option of placing accumulator bets on all selections advised. On many days when there is only one pick advised there is no additional bet, but if there are multiple singles bundling them together in a double or treble can prove profitable.

Over the course of the review using this system the following results were produced (again to 10pts per selection).


Banker Bets Accumulators
24th Jan to 23rd Apr 2018
Profit 67.02pts
Strike Rate 72.55%
Return on Investment 13.38%
Average Odds 1.71
No of Selections 52

As we can see using this method we actually made an extra 8.62pts profit compared to just backing them as singles.

The lifetime strike rate for the service as shown on the Banker Bets website is 79.67% which is almost exactly what was produced during our review thus highlighting the consistency of the service.


Obviously no gambling is ever ‘safe’ but Banker Bets is as close as it gets. With well researched picks and a very high strike rate losing runs are kept to a minimum allowing you to confidently invest more per selection. As always it is very important you stick to a bank. Don’t go diving in at £100 per pick if you only have £300 to start with.  Being ultra cautious I would divide your bank by 30 and stake that amount per pick.

Banker Bets is extremely simple to follow and even complete beginners should have no trouble in understanding the selections and placing their bets. The time involved is minimal as it averages out to just over 1 pick per day. Indeed it will take you longer to read the analysis than place your bets. That in itself is an added bonus, the analysis and recaps are always interesting to read and really instill added confidence into the tipster.

The price of Banker Bets is reasonable and even more so if you take advantage of some of the longer term subscriptions/bundles available.

Overall a definite thumbs up and a worthy addition to your portfolios.

We will of course continue to track results and update accordingly on our Top Tipster table and the headline figures at the top of this review.

You can learn more about Banker Bets by clicking here!

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