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Architect Tips Review
Average Monthly Profit: £108.33
Strike Rate: 18.88%
Return on Investment: 12.39%
Since: 24th Jan 2018
Architect Tips



Below are the monthly figures since we started tracking Architect Tips.

Architect Tips
22nd Nov 2017 onwards
Month Profit (£10/pt) Strike Rate ROI Tips
24th January 18 onwards -£113.08 6.90% -44.78% 29
February 18 £134.05 29.00% 16.15% 100
March 18 £28.19 15.89% 3.81% 107
April 18 £286.10 21.01% 31.70% 119
May 18 £67.11 16.90% 6.80% 142
June 18 £197.64 20.42% 19.00% 142
July 18 -£105.73 14.71% -13.17% 102
August 18 £355.38 20.17% 40.73% 119
September 18 £6.40 15.18% 0.76% 112
October 18 £239.52 16.67% 30.81% 102
November 18 £361.54 26.40% 37.47% 125
December 18 £240.88 17.80% 27.65% 118
January 19 £290.47 31.63% 38.66% 98
February 19 £75.75 22.68% 10.76% 97
March 19 -£76.00 16.78% -7.28% 149
April 19 -£295.63 11.11% -31.00% 135
May 19 £68.33 13.51% 8.70% 111
June 19 -£10.13 10.00% -12.66% 10


Architect Tips is a horse racing tipster service provided by The Tipsters Empire network. It is run by Steven Dowler a life long racing fan. You can read more about him on the Tipsters Empire site. The service covers both Flat and National Hunt racing, providing tips from short priced favorites to 40/1 outsiders. It has been providing picks on the Tipsters Empire platform since August 2016 with plenty of success.

We reviewed Architect Tips between 24th January and 24th April and it produced the following results:

Architect Tips
24th Jan to 24th Apr 2018
Profit 36.06 pts
Strike Rate 20.55%
Return on Investment 14.34%
# Selections 326
Average Odds 9.41

A very healthy profit of 95.98pts was generated during the review period, that’s £959.80 based upon £10 per point. The ROI is an outstanding 45.86%.

Architect Tips Profit

After a somewhat sluggish start in the first couple of weeks Architect Tips pretty much held it’s own over the next six weeks before really kicking into gear in the final month to end the review on a respectable profit of 36.06 pts, which works out to £360.60 when working to £10 per point.

Architect Tips
24th Jan to 24th Apr 2018
Picks Profit in pts Av Odds
0.25pt e/w 1 -0.5 67.00
0.5pt e/w 184 -19.97 13.34
0.75pt e/w 3 3.94 17.00
1pt 105 31.21 3.46
1pt e/w 5 20.86 9.20
1.5pt 16 -14.06 3.23
2pt 11 14.59 2.74

As we can see the majority of the picks are either 0.5pt e/w or 1pt wins. Interestingly over the trial period the 0.5pt e/w picks lost just under 20pts whilst the 1pt win picks made 31pts profit. This can likely be put down to variance as the reverse is applicable on the 1pt e/w picks but it’s something we’ll keep an eye on going forwards.

Picks are sent usually between 7-9pm by email, text message and are also available in the members area on the Tipsters Empire website. A full write up is provided for each tip with the level of detail provided very high in comparison to most services. This gives a good insight into how the tipster is thinking and why he is making the selections.

Prices seem to hold up very well with little movement in price even when placing the following day.

The recommended betting bank is 100pts which obviously never came close to being an issue during the trial. Looking at the history of the service it has never been an issue either.

The cost of Architect Tips is £34.99 (inc VAT) per month on the standard monthly plan but further discount can be had with quarterly, six month and annual plans available. The annual plan is £279.99, a 33% discount.

You can also try a 28 day trial of the service for a fee of just £2.99.

Here are the results of Architect Tips as shown on the Tipsters Empire site since its launch in August 2016.

Architect Tips
22nd April 2016 to 4th May 2018
Profit 346.10 pts
Strike Rate 32.87%
Return on Investment 11.06%

Às with all services we review we will continue to monitor results, updating you at the end of each month, plus ensuring the headline figures and those on the league tables remain up to date.


Architect Tips is a very good efficient service which I’ve thoroughly enjoyed following. The very detailed analysis given to each selection adds something to the service and makes you look forward to receiving that days picks.

Regular feedback is also given on how previous tips fared, including losing ones.

Of course, it’s all well and good talking the talk the most important aspect is the results and although they weren’t staggering during the trial they were decent enough. A monthly profit after subscription (£34.99) of £85.21 is not to be sniffed at, especially considering we had a poor month and a half. I see no reason why that figure shouldn’t increase moving forwards.

Best of all, as mentioned above, is the 28 day trial. I would strongly advise anyone to take advantage of that and see for yourself what the service is all about.

I should also point out that subscriptions aren’t recurring. i.e. if you pay for 1 month, that is what you get, the payment for the next month is not automatically taken, you subscribe again if you choose to do so. Of course, you can subscribe to the longer periods and take advantage of the discounts offered.

Click here to learn more about Architect Tips!

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