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  • Premium Boxing Tips Day 4

    Pick – Warrington-Galahad Over 8.5(1.16), Mikaela Mayer(1.03), Jesse Hart(1.44)

    Date – 15th & 16th June

    Bookie – Bet365

    Odds – 1.72

    Stake – 6/10


    It’s taken me until Friday to come to a decision about this fight. I feel that Warrington will win, but I’m not happy with the odds. It should be a highly competitive fight and one that goes the full 12 rounds. For that reason, I’ve gone for Over 8.5 rounds.

    Warrington beat Galahad twice in the amateurs. The fight is in Leeds, making Warrington the home fighter. Galahad comes forward, doesn’t run around the ring. He’s always going to be in range for Warrington to launch an assault. That’ll suit Warrington down to the ground. Warrington is actually more likely to be the guy on the move. He has incredible stamina and punch output.

    The best fighter Galahad has fought was Toka Kahn Clary. Although Galahad won a unanimous decision, he was caught in most rounds with clean shots. He seems to have a good chin.

    I can understand the confidence of Galahad going into this one. He’s got good reflexes, boxes well and has pretty much dominated everyone he’s fought thus far. The problem is that Warrington is improving all the time and is probably at his peak. Galahad will actually find it difficult to pin Warrington down and hit him cleanly. When he tries to throw combinations, he’ll get plenty in return. When a volume fighter comes up against a super slick counter puncher, who is constantly on the move, they can have trouble. Unless he changes his MO, Galahad isn’t that guy. He relies on over powering his opponents with work rate, power and technique. That’s probably not going to work against Warrington. Even when Warrington misses or comes off second best in an exchange, the crowd will show their support for the local man. I think it could be difficult for Galahad to get a decision in Leeds.
    Warrington has only 6 ko’s on his 28-0 record. He’s a decent puncher, just not a crushing one.

    Both guys seem extremely durable to me. I can’t envisage a stoppage for either man unless someone gets cut or suffers a freak accident.


    This is also a fight that took me the entire week to settle on a verdict. Barrera is 37 years old now. Not massively aged for a light heavy, but he’s been in a lot of tough fights. He’s been knocked down in 4 of his last 7. He’s only lost to the very best, in Ward and Bivol, but he’s got a lot of mileage on him now. He especially took a bad beating from Bivol for almost 12 rounds.
    Hart is moving up to light heavyweight for this one. He fought at 173.5lbs once before and he looked a lot faster than Barrera. I think that will be the key. He’s athletic and also hits hard. He won that fight in 1 round against a guy that had previously never been stopped. He has a 4.5 inch reach advantage that I think he’ll utilise to good effect. His 2 loses were by close decision against world champion Gilberto Ramirez.
    I see Hart moving around the ring, making the older man expend energy chasing him. He’ll pot shot from the outside, winning round by round. Barrera needs to press the action and may leave himself open to counters in the process. I could see him being dropped again. I’m not sure if we’ll see a knockout or not, but I’m backing the 29 year old Hart to get to win.


    Crespo isn’t a bad little fighter who lives in Argentina. She’s just not been picked to pose a serious threat to Mayer’s 0. She isn’t a puncher and she’ll struggle with the length of Mayer. Mayer clearly has the looks to make a big impact in the women’s sport. She seems to have a bit of talent too, so keeping her undefeated for a while will be the aim. Expect Mayer to be too quick and too busy.

  • Premium Boxing Tips Day 3

    Pick – Lyndon Arthur(1.03),James Metcalf(1.40),Briedis-Glowacki Over 9.5(1.33)

    Date – 15/06/19
    Bookie – Bet365
    Odds – 1.92
    Stake – 3/5

    Arthur (14-0, 11 ko’s) looks to be a really decent light heavyweight prospect out of Manchester. He should have everything his own way against a visiting Polish fighter that’s campaigned for most of his career at super middle. Soldra has been stopped 4 times in his 6 defeats. He looks to be going through the motions at this stage in his career. I expect he’s been enticed by a pay cheque and is there to make Arthur look good.

    I quite like James Metcalf. He’s the son of pressure fighter, Shea Neary. He’s a lot more circumspect than his father, yet still aims to please the fans. He has a nice jab and seems to have decent power. At 19-0 (11 ko’s), this is his step up fight. He appears to live and breathe boxing and I expect him to give everything he has. This is his big chance and he knows he has to take it.
    Jason Welborn has the experience, but I feel he’s there to be beaten. We tagged him to beat Tommy Langford up at middleweight two fights back as an underdog. He started really well, scoring 2 knockdowns. He almost let things slip as Langford out boxed him for most of the fight. Welborn seemed to really tire. He won a split decision, but it could have gone either way. He then got a golden ticket to fight Jarrett Hurd at super welter in America. He gave it a good go, landing some big shots, before succumbing to a body shot in the 4th. He appears to have a weakness to the body, having gone down from a body shot in 4 of his fights. Metcalf would be wise to exploit that particular weakness. The way I see it is that we have two fighters going in different directions. Metcalf should definitely be the hungrier fighter. I wouldn’t be surprised if we see a stoppage in this one.

    Briedis v Glowacki is a tough fight to call. Briedis struggled in his last fight and was fortunate to beat Noel Gevor. Gevor is 6’3 and was a bad match up for Briedis in many ways. He had a long jab, good movement and was the faster, younger fighter. At home in Latvia, I expect a better showing from Briedis. He’ll have the height advantage this time and the crowd behind him. He’s 34 so could be on the back end of his career, which makes simply backing the ‘over 9.5 rounds’ more appealing. He’s gone the distance in his last 5 fights. Both fighters have only 1 defeat on their records. A decision loss to Usyk. If pushed, I’d go for a close decision win for Briedis.

  • Premium Boxing Tips Day 2
    Here is today’s info from Premium Boxing Tips. There won’t be tips every day on this service, but I will forward you exactly what the service sends out so you can get a good understanding of how it works…..
    We went 1-0 on officially graded tips. We also started off a new parlay and pushed forward our slow rolling parlay.
    Winning Parlay 
    Gabriel Flores won a unanimous decision. Michael Seals scored a brutal 2nd round ko over Christopher Brooker. Gennady Golovkin also scored a crushing ko in 4 rounds against Steve Rolls.
    Parlay in Progress
    Kevin Lerena out classed his opponent in South Africa for a straight forward unanimous decision victory. We’re left with Joyce and Andrade to complete.
    Slow Rolling Parlay
    I was extremely confident that Charles Conwell would beat Courtney Pennington, so I decided to put him in our max play parlay. I don’t often put in bets with such high odds. My range is usually 1.03-1.05. I just didn’t want to risk putting Conwell in a parlay that could fall apart. This way we got the win and keep the parlay alive. £100 has now become £144.43
    Current Service Stats 
    500 tips (304-187-9) 17.88% ROI
    26.3% ROI in 2019
    Current Active tips
    Thurman v Pacquiao    Welter  27/5/19   8pts at 1.80
    Lerena,Andrade,Joyce    Parlay 6/6/19  6pts at 1.82
    Tabiti v Dorticos    Cruiser 4/6/19 4pts at 3.26
  • Premium Boxing Tips Day 1

    Pick – Seals(1.4), Flores(1.071), Golovkin ko(1.16)

    Date – 8th & 9th June

    Bookie – Bet365

    Odds – 1.74

    Stake – 6pts

  • Noah Byrne Day 10 (4th June)

    17:30 Tipperary – Yuften
    1pt win at 1.91 with most providers

  • Noah Byrne Day 9 (3rd June)

    17:05 Gowran Park – Up Helly Aa
    1pt win at 1.91 with most providers

  • Noah Byrne Day 8 (2nd June)

    13:45 Listowel – Between Hills
    2pt win at 3.00 with Coral, Ladbrokes

    14:00 Kilbeggan – Union Gap
    1pt win at 2.38

  • Noah Byrne Day 7 (1st June)

    15:55 Navan – Pacific Ocean
    2pt win at 3.25 with most providers

  • Noah Byrne Day 6 (May 31st)

    19:05 Tramore – Allduckornodinner
    1pt win at 3.75 with most providers

    20:05 Tramore – Littlestickarubarb
    1pt win at 3.25 with Bet365, BetVictor, WilliamHills

  • Noah Byrne Day 5 (30th May)

    17:45 Fairyhouse – Laurel Grove
    2pt win at 3.00 with Coral, Ladbrokes

    18:20 Fairyhouse – Rainbow Moonstone
    2pt win at 2.00 with most providers

    19:40 Limerick – Timeforwest
    2pt win at 2.50 with Bet365, BetVictor

  • Premium Boxing Tips
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