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Daily Racing Brief Review
Confidence Rating : 78%
Average Monthly Profit: £32.06
Strike Rate: 28.64%
Return on Investment: 5.09%
Since: 24th Nov 2017
Daily Racing Brief


Below are the monthly figures since we started tracking Daily Racing Brief.

Daily Racing Brief
24th Nov 2017 onwards
Month Profit (£10/pt) Strike Rate ROI Tips
November 17 -£100.00 0.00% -105.26% 10
December 17 -£254.60 19.35% -41.40% 62
January 18 -£8.20 25.81% -1.36% 62
February 18 £88.80 30.91% 16.44% 55
March 18 £121.10 26.15% 19.86% 65
April 18 -£32.80 26.76% -4.71% 71
May 18 -£38.50 20.83% -5.58% 72
June 18 £47.50 29.58% 7.08% 71
July 18 -£1.00 25.00% -0.17% 64
August 18 -£3.60 28.77% -0.50% 73
September 18 £300.90 41.67% 50.57% 60
October 18 £142.50 34.38% 22.27% 64
November 18 £113.30 34.85% 17.57% 66
December 18 £-76.30 24.56% -13.38% 57
January 19 £23.50 29.03% 3.79% 62
February 19 -£20.00 25.00% -4.26% 48
March 19 £182.80 33.90% 31.51% 59
April 19 £51.30 27.69% 7.88% 65
May 19 -£247.50 18.18% -37.79% 66
June 19 £312.10 39.71% 45.89% 68
July 19 £24.00 30.56% 3.33% 72
August 19 £187.10 36.36% 28.35% 66
September 19 -£10.40 25.00% -1.74% 60
October 19 -£76.30 24.59% -12.60% 61
November 19 £70.20 29.85% 10.64% 67
December 19 -£106.30 25.00% -18.97% 56
January 20 £77.50 32.84% 11.57% 67
February 20 £143.30 38.10% 69.92% 21


Daily Racing Brief is a service provided by SportsWorld Publishing. It is provided by Joe Thorpe who it is said has 30 years experience in the industry working for multiple bookmakers in that time. It began in June 2016 and at the the time of the review had only ever had one losing month, the one prior to this review starting where it lost 0.51pts! We reviewed the service for five months with the following results:

Daily Racing Brief
24th Nov to 24th Apr 2018
Profit -14.92 pts
Strike Rate 25.24%
Return on Investment -4.96%
Average Odds 4.24
# Selections 309

Alas after the great run this service has had it hit a relatively poor patch from the start of our review. The damage was done in the first 30 days or so at the end of which we found ourselves 36pts down. From there we had some ups and downs over the next couple of months before gaining some traction towards the end of the review.

Daily Racing Brief Profits

Daily Racing Brief itself is simple to follow. Tips are sent late of an evening, usually between 11pm and midnight and generally consist of two picks (there are three on rare occasions). A small write up for each pick is provided with information from Timeform plus a Summary on why the horse has been chosen.

The staking plan is simple with never more than 1pt being staked, the vast majority of the time as a win bet with the odd 0.5pt e/w pick along the way. There were 17 such each way picks throughout the trial and they generated a profit of just over 4pts.

There is no mention of a betting bank on the site but I would advise 100pts should be more than sufficient.

As mentioned at the beginning of the review Daily Racing Brief has an excellent history behind it. From it’s launch on 1st June 2016 till the end of April 2018 it has generated 536.49pts of profit, an average of 23.33 pts per month.

The cost of The Daily Racing Brief is £40 per month which is towards the expensive side for services of this nature. However, for the first 15 months of its lifespan it would have been money well spent.


Based solely upon our review, which over a five month period was not a short one, Daily Racing Brief obviously falls short of requirements as we made a loss. However, there is significant hope here in that it did begin to recover from the poor run at the tail end of 2017/early 2018.  The history shows it to be a solid performing service but, of course, our reviews focus in the main on how it has performed since we began following. As such, it falls into the ‘one to watch’ category. Should it revert back to its prior form the service will soon be moving up our rankings and increasing its confidence rating.

As always, we will continue to track and update results moving forwards.

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  1. He certainly has turned things around in the last two months he’s in profit now from when he changed his staking plan November 2017. Took a year took a year to get in profit. Some of the prices diifcult to get when you are limited to betting only in shops as online no good to me too many restrictions.

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